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    About GoKleen

    About GoKleen

    Who are your cleaners? Are they local or foreign cleaners?  
    Our cleaners are all local.
    How can I contact you?  
    You can email us at gokleenmiri@gmail.com
    Once you have made your online booking, you can chat with our live chat support team available at our website.
    Are your cleaners trained?  
    Yes, our cleaners are all trained. GoKleen is focusing on quality service; our cleaners have to go on recurrent training every single month to update on
    • New SOP
    • Tools Inspections
    • Cleaning Method
    Cleaning Services

    Cleaning Services

    What type of service you provided?  
    We provide the below service domestically & commercially
    • General Cleaning Service
    • Post Renovation Cleaning Service
    • Janitorial Cleaning Service
    • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service
    • Pre-move in/out Cleaning Service
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    What are your specialized services?  
    • Floor Cleaning
    • Dry Carpet Cleaning & Floor Mat Service
    • Superior High Pressure Cleaning
    • Kitchen Hood & Duct Cleaning
    • Nanion Eco Sterilising Coating
    • Air Quality Control
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    What's included in a standard basic General Cleaning service?  

    General Cleaning Checklist

    What is General Cleaning?
    A general cleaning consists of the basic cleaning tasks that include vacuuming, dusting, wiping & wiping floor. This type of 'surface' cleaning is performed more often to maintain cleanliness and hygiene of your premise on a daily basis. General cleaning is the cleaning that involves instant effect after performing the tasks.
    For instance – your kitchen stove and hooker have not been clean for ages. It could take a few rounds of wiping and cleaning. It is NOT a General Cleaning, but Deep Cleaning. We do provide Deep Cleaning service. Get us to Quote!!

    **Laundry, Ironing and Gardening are not included in our General Cleaning Job Scope.

    3D Concept

    • 1D - Dari Atas ke Bawah (From Top to Bottom)
    • 2D - Dari Kotor ke Bersih (From Dirty to Clean)
    • 3D - Dari Dalam ke Luar (From Inside to Outside)

    6 Areas, 40 items and 108 Standards



      Range Hood
    There are no oil stains, watermarks, and paper on the top of the range hood, the oil box of the range hood, and the lower part of the range.
      Gas stove
    No oil stains or water marks on the surface of the gas cooktop.
    Cabinet surface, handles, no oil stains, watermarks.
      Sink and countertop
    There are no stains or water drops around the sink and the water outlet, and there is no stain on the overall table, no watermarks, and no sticky hands.
    No stains or water marks on the floor.


    Shower room   Shower room
    The shower room and bath products have no stains or watermarks.
    Toilet   Toilet
    There is no stain on the surface of the toilet, no watermarks, and the toilet is closed in the internal test.
    Ground   Ground
    No stains or water marks on the floor. Corners without stains or watermarks.


    Sofa and coffee table   Sofa and coffee table
    The sofa cushions and pillows are neatly arranged, and the bottom is cleaned without hair and debris. The coffee table is neatly arranged and wiped clean.
    Floor   Floor
    The floor is clean and dry, and toys, shoes, and stools should be removed and cleaned, and the items should be neatly returned.
    Shoes cabinet   Shoes cabinet
    The toe of the shoes outside the shoe cabinet is arranged in a uniform direction.


    Bed   Bed
    No dust, no water marks on the bed, no stains on the handles, no watermarks, no dust or water marks on the bedside table.
    Dressing table   Dressing table
    Dressing items are neatly arranged, the table is clean and without watermarks.
    Wardrobe   Wardrobe
    No stains on the surface of the wardrobe, no watermarks, no stains on the handles, no water marks.
    Floor   Floor
    No stains or water marks on the floor, clean the bottom of the bed, no hair, no debris.


    Bedroom - balcony   Bedroom - balcony
    Window glass is free from dust, window grooves, and stains.
    Washing machine   Washing machine
    There are no stains or watermarks on the surface of the washing machine, and the lid of the washing machine is opened.
    Bedroom - balcony - laundry pool   Bedroom - balcony - laundry pool
    There are no stains around the laundry tub, and the drain is open.
    Parking garage   Parking garage
    No stain on the floor.


    Dining room - dining table and chairs   Dining room - dining table and chairs
    The dining table, dining chair and tableware are arranged neatly, without stains or watermarks.
    Ground   Ground
    The floor has no stains and no watermarks.
    Use of Customer Goods
    If there is damage to the customer's goods that have been given permission to use, we will not bear the cost of damage to the goods
    What's included in a standard post-renovation cleaning service?  
    Tile Floor Scrubbing ALL outside areas (Car Park)
    Details Cleaning:
    • To remove dust and dirt on all area, walls, grills, windows, switches & wood/ laminate floors.
    • To remove dust and dirt on all the fitted furniture
    Touch up with General Cleaning:
    • To vacuum, wipe and mop all the area
    Interior & exterior window Deep Cleaning services:
    • To wipe all areas glass, windows and frame interior & exterior window cleaning (where reachable). Including to remove dust & dirt
    Session Details

    Session Details

    How much do your services cost?  
    General Cleaning Our rates are RM30 per hour with a minimum of a 4 hour booking with 1 cleaner
    Post Renovation Cleaning Our rates are based on the size of your house
    Please refer to the pricing page for the rates:
    Type Starting Price Real Work Hour/ Day (Estimated)
    Condo/ Apartment 1000 16 Hours/2 Days
    1 Storey Terrace 1300 16 Hours/2 Days
    1 Storey Terrace Corner 1600 24 Hours/3 Days
    2 Storey Terrace 1900 24 Hours/3 Days
    2 Storey Terrace Corner 2300 32 Hours/4 Days
    Semi-D-SS 2000 32 Hours/3 Days
    Semi-D-DS 2500 40 Hours/4 Days
    Bungalow SS 2200 32 Hours/4 Days
    Bungalow DS 2000 48 Hours/6 Days
    Shoplot 1200 16 Hours/2 Days
    What are your available time slots?  
    Gokleen Cleaning Service – 4 hours per session/ 8 hours for 2 sessions
    We have three time slots:
    • Morning session: 8am - 12pm
    • Afternoon session: 1pm - 5pm
    • Full Day session: 8am - 5pm (Break time 12pm - 1pm)
    GoKleen is following Sarawak’s Public Holiday. No service is provided during the holiday unless earlier arrangement is made. For our customers who are in contract with GoKleen, the service will be replaced accordingly.
    Do you cover my area?  
    Currently we provide service in Miri, Sarawak ONLY. We are putting afford to opening new branches in other cities. Please stay tune and follow us on social media to get updated.
    You can view our list of coverage areas on our booking system. Should your area is not in the list, choose the nearest location and ensure that your house address is full & complete.
    You can also call us at +6019-889 3030 (8am - 5pm, Monday - Saturday) or just drop us a Facebook message and we can advise you if we cover your location!
    Cleaning Supplies

    Cleaning Supplies

    Are cleaning tools and supplies covered by GoKleen?  
    General Cleaning Yes. All of our cleaners have standard cleaning tools and supplies following Company's SOP

    It includes:
    • 7 steps ladder (For safety precaution, the cleaners will only use up to 5 steps)
    • Color Coded Wet Mop for Common Area, Kitchen and Toilet
    • Color Coded Microfiber Cloth for Common Area, Kitchen, Window and Toilet (Cross-contamination purposes)
    • Color Coded GoKleen Hygiene Supply Foldable Bucket for Common Area, Kitchen and Toilet
    • Multipurpose Cleaning Agent
    • Toilet Tools (Squeegee & Scrub Pad)
    • High Efficiency Numatic Vacuum (Dust Free for allergic purposes and Low Noise Pollution)
    Post Renovation Cleaning Yes. All of our cleaners have standard cleaning tools and supplies following Company's SOP
    What cleaning tools and supplies should I prepare?  
    NONE. Unless you request to use yours. However If there is damage to the customer's goods that have been given permission to use, we will not bear the cost of damage to the goods
    Company Policy

    Company Policy

    What is your Satisfaction Guarantee?  
    • If you are not 100% satisfied with the job, please let us know and we will try our best to fulfill your needs. We always look into feedback from customers in order for us to grow and make difference.
    • If you are not satisfied with your cleaning, please call us drop us an email with picture attachment as proof at gokleenmiri@gmail.com within 24 hours after your cleaning session.
    What is your rescheduling and cancellation policy?  
    Please take note of our cancellation and rescheduling policy below.
    NO REFUND within 48 hours before services NO REFUND
    • You may cancel your booking by informing us via SMS or to our live chat agent.
    • Facebook message/ comment will not be considered as cancellation notice.
    • Rescheduling is considered as cancellation. Refund will be provided and a new booking will need to be made.