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      What are the most common cleaning services needed    
    - Office/Retail Stores Contracted Cleaning
    - Office/Homes One-Off General Cleaning (Sweep, Vacuum, Wipe and Mop)
    - Post Construction Cleaning (Houses, Office, Retail Stores and etc.)
      Do you bring your own supplies and equipment?    
    YES! We make it easy for you! For home or office general cleaning, we bring basic cleaning supplies (vacuums, map, bucket or step stool) to give your home a great clean. However, majority of homeowners prefer to use their own supplies and equipment.
    If you'd like us to use a specific product, please let us know and leave it out for the cleaner to use. For others, contracted or deep cleaning services, we provide all the necessary equipment to make sure we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
      My home/shop/office has been renovated - can you clean it?    
    After Renovation Final Cleanings (post construction cleanup) are different from general cleaning.
    If you have had your floors, walls, countertops, cabinets replaced; or if you have had your home painted; or room additions; we will need to quote you based on your specific needs.
    Site visit would be necessary. Please call our office to discuss with a representative @ 019-889 3030
      Do i need to do anything before Gokleen Cleaning Services arrive?    
      What are the cleaners? How do I know I can trust the people you send to my home?    
      How much it will cost?    


    What is General Cleaning? Surface cleaning which is sweep, wipe and mop.

    3D Concept

    • 1D - (From Top to Bottom)
    • 2D - (From Dirty to Clean)
    • 3D - (From Inside to Outside)

    6 Areas, 40 items and 108 Standards




    Range Hood

    There are no oil stains, watermarks, and paper on the top of the range hood, the oil box of the range hood, and the lower part of the range.

    Gas stove

    No oil stains or water marks on the surface of the gas cooktop.


    Cabinet surface, handles, no oil stains, watermarks.

    Sink and countertop

    There are no stains or water drops around the sink and the water outlet, and there is no stain on the overall table, no watermarks, and no sticky hands.


    No stains or water marks on the floor.



    Shower room

    The shower room and bath products have no stains or watermarks.


    There is no stain on the surface of the toilet, no watermarks, and the toilet is closed in the internal test.


    No stains or water marks on the floor. Corners without stains or watermarks.



    Sofa and coffee table

    The sofa cushions and pillows are neatly arranged, and the bottom is cleaned without hair and debris.

    The coffee table is neatly arranged and wiped clean.


    The floor is clean and dry, and toys, shoes, and stools should be removed and cleaned, and the items should be neatly returned.

    Shoes cabinet

    The toe of the shoes outside the shoe cabinet is arranged in a uniform direction.




    No dust, no water marks on the bed, no stains on the handles, no watermarks, no dust or water marks on the bedside table.

    Dressing table

    Dressing items are neatly arranged, the table is clean and without watermarks.


    No stains on the surface of the wardrobe, no watermarks, no stains on the handles, no water marks.


    No stains or water marks on the floor, clean the bottom of the bed, no hair, no debris.



    Bedroom - balcony

    Window glass is free from dust, window grooves, and stains.

    Washing machine

    There are no stains or watermarks on the surface of the washing machine, and the lid of the washing machine is opened.

    Bedroom - balcony - laundry pool

    There are no stains around the laundry tub, and the drain is open.

    Parking garage

    No stain on the floor.



    Dining room - dining table and chairs

    The dining table, dining chair and tableware are arranged neatly, without stains or watermarks.


    The floor has no stains and no watermarks.
    About Our Company
    About Our Company
    About Our Company
    Dear Customer:
      Thank you for ordering GoKleen home cleaning service (hereinafter referred to as "cleaning service"). In a normal home environment, GoKleen will give you a good service experience. In order to make better use of this package, please read this service description carefully.
      If you cannot accept the content of this service description, please ignore this service description. If you have completed the payment, it is deemed that you agree to this service description.
    GoKleen Home Cleaning



    Service Content




    "GoKleen" Basic Content of Cleaning Service

    GoKleen home cleaning - 4 hours per session
         Remarks: "GoKleen at home for 4 hours, it is a professional cleaning service for the home environment created at home. It is provided by Iwo trained professional staff, wearing uniforms, using special tools, and providing home cleaning with inspection standards service.



    Transfer of Services

    You cannot transfer all or part of the cleaning service to a third party without the permission of the GoKleen. If you transfer the service to a third party or change the service address by yourself, the GoKleen has the right to not provide the service and does not do any refund.



    Service Start, Extension and End

    After you purchase the cleaning service, you need to activate and use it within the system prompt time. If you do not activate and use it within the system prompt time, GoKleen has the right to return and refund your booking.

    Service Rules




    On-site service time

    The service time period is divided into two levels, 8:00am - 12:00pm, 13:00 - 17:00pm, and the service time is fixed at 4 hours.
    (1) If there are no special circumstances, please do not adjust the service start time. If it is necessary to adjust, the service end time does not exceed 12:00pm and 18:00pm in principle. Please forgive me.
    (2) Sufficient at home promises to do 4 hours for each service. If you are not satisfied with the service quality or attitude of the cleaner, please make a complaint to your cleaning consultant or via Wechat 's WeChat public account/ customer service hotline 0198893030.



    Service Scope and Ability

    GoKleen home cleaning provides a session of 4 hours standard home cleaning services according to the normal home living environment. If it is the first time that a cleaner has provided cleaning services for your home, or if you have performed work beyond the cleaning standards according to your requirements (such as vacuuming, carpet slipper cleaning, etc.), service may not be able to complete routine cleaning.



    Service Standards

    The cleaners perform 40 service standards in 6 areas in the cleaning work, but the cleanliness of each family is different. It may be difficult to complete all of the services in the first few times. Please give some patience and believe later the processional service of the cleaner will surely satisfy you.



    Changing or canceling the service time

    If you need to change the service time or cancel the service, please change it on WeChat public account at home 2 hours before the service starts or change it by phone. If you request to change the service time or cancel the order within 2 hours before the start of the order service and within 1 hour after the start of the service, GoKleen will cancel your current cleaning times and automatically deduct RM80 from your actual purchase amount As a temporary refund fee, and automatically refund your balance.

    Water outage

    Please contact the change by phone 0198893030 in 2 hours before the start of the service. If you did not call GoKleen 2 hours before the order service started, or if the service is not available due to sudden water outages within 2 hours after the service start At home, you will be charged RM80 as a home visit fee, cancel your current cleaning times, and automatically refund your remaining balance.

    Unable to serve

    If the cleaning staff cannot enter the house due to your reasons, the cleaning staff will wait 1 hour and leave, and being GoKleen will cancel your current cleaning frequency, and automatically deduct RM80 from your actual purchase amount as a temporary Refund fee, and automatically refund your balance.
    If GoKleen has reason to change appointment date/time, GoKleen will notify you by phone 2 hours in advance of the service and determine the service time for you according to your requirements.



    Off Day

    National holidays, GoKleen will follow the holiday off, no service is provided during the break and the number of services during the break will be extended to the next cleaning service. Warm reminder: During festive season, please book your cleaning service in advance. If the service is unavailable, please accept our apology. Responsibility for safety

    Responsibility for safety




    Identification Gokleen cleaner

    GoKleen will provides you with standard household services. The cleaning staff all carry uniform tools and equipment. The service order number is the same as the service order number of your mobile phone or WeChat inquiry. If you have any doubts about your identity, you can always call Customer Service at home to check.



    Non-controllable factors of personnel

    During the cleaning service, the cleaning engineer inevitably has special conditions such as "illness", "leave of absence", "resignation", "change of position", etc. If the cleaning engineer cannot provide you with services due to the above special circumstances At home, enough net will inform you in time and provide you with corresponding emergency measures services (for example: order rescheduled, cleaning cleaner replacement).

    Responsibility for safety




    Safety of the cleaner

    When the cleaner is at your service, if there is an accident or personal injury caused by his own reasons, it will be responsible for compensation at home. You are responsible for compensation for personal injury or property damage caused by the cleaner or you. You are obliged to take care of the pets you keep. If the cleaners are injured due to your pets, you will be responsible for the reasonable medical expenses incurred.



    Customer property security

    You are obliged to perform property safety acceptance after the service is completed. You must proof "whether the items are intact" according to the actual situation. If your property is lost or damaged due to the cleaner, you should be at home and clean the house accordingly. Responsibility; if you are not at home (you entrust the key to a cleaner) or you have confirmed that the items are stolen, you find that the property is lost or the items are damaged afterwards, you must inform GoKleen within 24 hours after discovery or should be found, otherwise you must bear your own responsibility.



    Financial damages compensation

    Due to the many unpredictable risks of home services, although it is enough to continuously strengthen training and management at home, and to purchase insurance for each single service, it is not enough to cover all aspects of home service property losses. For the loss of your property due to accidents during the service process, if the loss of the item is not in the scope of insurance underwriting or it is difficult to evaluate the value of the property loss (such as antique calligraphy and painting, souvenirs, delicate furnishings, etc.), Gokleen in principle will bear the greatest responsibility for you. The compensation shall not exceed 3 times the unit price of the current service.




    However, if you fail to exercise due care and violate the following agreement, you will not be compensated at home:
    a) You should properly keep valuables such as antiques, study rooms, calligraphy and painting, jewellery, jade articles, jewelry, etc. , Fragile items, and items with special commemorative significance, the cleaners are not responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of such items;
    b) For various household appliances, the cleaners are not responsible for disassembly and cleaning, only responsible for external cleaning;
    c) The second floor on the outside of the glass of the above (including the second floor) residence, the cleaners are not responsible for cleaning outside the building, and only provide cleaning services as much as possible inside the building.




    Due to the special nature of home services, if the items are damaged due to non-subjective reasons of the cleaner or due to the replacement of your device in the product cycle, the value is not high and can be objectively judged as unintentional man-made. I hope you understand Disclaimer.

    Special Appoinment




    What you and your family understand

    Providing customers with satisfactory service in a harmonious and good atmosphere is the mission of GoKleen. While GoKleen strictly controlling the quality of staff and service, excessive timeouts, overranges and high-load work will bring The risks of coming to work and manage, I hope you and your family understand the scope and capabilities of Homecare as a home service provider, and support and help Homecare to progress slowly.



    Customer information transfer method

    To avoid being at home during the service period, you and the cleaning staff may cause misunderstanding due to the information transmission. If you have any questions, please directly inform at home service or your cleaning consultant.



    Gift giving

    Compare customers, then ask for gifts/ red envelopes or ask for salary, making you feel that being kidnapped by morals is a bad practice for many traditional domestic workers. In order to prevent the cleaner at home from developing such an unhealthy atmosphere, I hope you cooperate with the manager of clean at home. If you have not communicated with the cleaner at home, please do not give things to the cleaner or agree that the cleaner will exceed ) Outside of its normal working content.

    Breach of contract and liability

      If the Gokleen staff causing any losses to you due to unethical way, GoKleen management will assist in handling and bear corresponding responsibilities.

    Dispute resolution

      If there is any dispute between Gokleen and customer due to the service, Gokleen will negotiate with you with the utmost sincerity. If the negotiation fails, you can apply for mediation to the consumer rights protection association, industry association and other institutions; Enough to sue in the people's court where he lives.