Service Policy
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    "Experience The Difference"






    "GoKleen" Operating Hour

    GoKleen is opeating from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 5pm for all services; break time 12pm-1pm. Home general cleaning service which starts from 8am to 6pm; break time 12pm-2pm.



    Transfer of Services

    You cannot transfer all or part of the cleaning service to a third party without the permission of the GoKleen, unless it is mentioned in voucher or promotion. If you transfer the service to a third party to change the service address by yourself, the GoKleen has the right to not provide the service and does not do any refund.





    Off Day

    GoKleen is following Sarawak’s Public Holiday. No service is provided during the holiday unless earlier arrangement is made. For our customers who are in contract with GoKleen, the service will be replaced accordingly.
    Warm Reminder: During festival season, please book your cleaning service in advance. If the service is unavailable due to peak, please accept our apology.



    Identification of GoKleen Cleaner and On-Site Staff

    Our cleaning personnel and On-site supervisor all carry uniform tools and equipment.



    Non-controllable factors of personnel

    During the cleaning service, the cleaners inevitably has special conditions such as "illness", "leave of absence", "resignation", "change of position", etc. If the cleaners cannot provide you with services due to the above special circumstances at your premises, our customer service will inform you in time and provide you with corresponding emergency measures services (for example: order rescheduled, cleaning cleaner replacement).





    Financial damages compensation

    There are many unpredictable risks of general cleaning services, although GoKleen always continuously strengthen our cleaners’ training. GoKleen has purchase insurance for each single service; however, it is not enough to cover all the aspects of home service property losses. For the loss of your property due to accidents during the service process, if the loss of the item is not in the scope of insurance underwriting or it is difficult to evaluate the value of the property loss (such as antique calligraphy and painting, souvenirs, delicate furnishings, etc.), Gokleen in principle will bear the greatest responsibility for you. The compensation shall not exceed 3 times the unit price of the current service.

    However, if you fail to exercise due care and violate the following agreement, you will not be compensated at home:

    a) You should properly keep valuables such as antiques, calligraphy and painting, jewelry, jade articles, jewelry, etc. , Fragile items, and items with special commemorative significance, the cleaners are not responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of such items;

    b) For various household appliances, the cleaners are not responsible for disassembly and cleaning, only responsible for external cleaning;

    c) The second floor on the outside of the glass of the above (including the second floor) residence, the cleaners are not responsible for cleaning outside the building, and only provide cleaning services as much as possible inside the building.






    What you and your family understand

    Advocate the service concept that makes you satisfied every day, "Experience The Difference", and create a more comfortable environment for customers is the mission of GoKleen.
    GoKleen always looking for room to improve after every single service provide. We strictly monitor our cleaners’ quality and service. The progress of improvement might takes time, we hope you and your family understand the scope of capabilities of home service provider.



    Gift giving

    Our cleaners are not allow to requests gifts/ red envelopes or ask for salary that will make you feel uncomfortable or disrespect. If this happened, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service at phone at +6019-889 3030 or whatsapp at In order to prevent our cleaners from developing such an unhealthy atmosphere, I hope you can cooperate for not giving any gift to cleaners at the same time.

    Breach of contract and liability

      If the GoKleen causing any losses to you due to unethical way, GoKleen’s management team will assist in handling and bear corresponding responsibilities

    Dispute resolution

      If there is any dispute between GoKleen and you due to the service quality, GoKleen will negotiate with you with the utmost sincerity.